St John Medical Services is the department of St John Ambulance WA that specialises in corporate health care, particularly for remote or high risk operations. We have been providing on-site medical services to construction, mining, oil and gas and other industries for more than 17 years. Find out more about St John Ambulance WA.

Corporate Health Package

Medical issues can impact productivity in the workplace. St John’s Corporate Health Package is designed to facilitate a safer, healthier workforce and help minimise work absences related to medical matters. View key health statistics.

00174_ms_infographic-fullheadingwhitebackgroundSt John’s Corporate Health Package consists of 5 elements. Although each element is available separately, combined they have a much greater impact and provide a robust, comprehensive health solution applicable to any industry.

The 5 elements of St John’s Corporate Health Package are comprised of:

  1. First Aid
  2. Staffing Services
  3. Medical Facilities
  4. Primary Health
  5. Clinical Governance

Refer to a Client Testimonial and Case Study

Community Contributions

Corporate support for our services enables us to make considerable contributions to the community. Find out more.