St John Medical Services

St John Medical Services is the department of St John Ambulance WA that specialises in workplace medical needs, particularly for remote or high risk operations. We have been providing medical services to construction, mining, oil and gas and other industries for more than 17 years.

Over this time and after consulting on hundreds of projects, we’ve identified that virtually all workplace medical needs relate to the following 5 key elements. While the details will be unique to each project, the core medical requirements will be the same.

  1. Medical Staff
  2. Medical Facilities
  3. First Aid
  4. Occupational Medicine
  5. Clinical Governance

Corporate Health Package

St John’s Corporate Health Package reflects these 5 key elements and provides a one-stop-shop for  workplace medical needs. It is customisable to any type or size of organisation.

After discussing your workplace and associated requirements, we prepare a recommendation based around these 5 elements, that ensures your medical needs are adequately covered and that your worksite becomes part of the network of St John.








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Impact to Productivity

Medical issues impact productivity in the workplace. St John’s Corporate Health Package is designed to facilitate a safer, healthier workforce and helps minimise work absences related to medical matters. Our on-site medical team is typically tasked with responding to emergency medical situations as well as providing daily healthcare to workers. The number of general health treatments on-site can be surprising. Read a case study.

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Community Contributions

Corporate support for our services enables us to make considerable contributions to the community. Find out more.