Emergency Response

As well as being a vital part of the WA health system, St John is integral to the state’s emergency response network. St John’s Emergency Management Unit (EMU) is tasked with preparing for and responding to events such as natural disasters, mass casualties and incidents that exceed local capabilities or require a specialised response. For example, St John already has Mass Casualty Kits and Emergency Support Vehicles pre-deployed around the state in preparation for any large scale incidents.

Our “AmbPlan” outlines the structures and procedures for St John’s response to major incidents and includes details such as:

  • Levels of response
  • Command structure
  • Casualty management (Principles of MIMMS)
  • Communication structure and systems
  • Logistical support (mass casualty vehicles etc.)
  • Post event actions (such as psychological first aid for those affected)

Our Emergency Management Unit also provides emergency response expertise to industry in the form of:

  • Emergency response planning
  • Emergency exercises
  • Training and education
  • Mass casualty first aid kit servicing

They also coordinate activities for St John’s Paramedic Special Operations team to ensure we fulfil our obligations under Westplan Collapse, Westplan CBRN and Westplan HAZMAT.  Our Paramedic Special Operations team forms part of the WA Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) capability and AusMAT-WA resources.

Emergency partners

St John has strong partnerships with other emergency service organisations such as the Department of Health, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, State Emergency Services and Royal Flying Doctor Service. We work together to prepare emergency plans and policies (e.g. for the large-scale Australia Day celebrations) and we regularly participate in inter-agency training exercises.