Proactive St John staff

The ramifications of a serious incident on-site can continue for years. It is essential that your medical staff not only have the qualifications, but the experience to competently manage any medical situation.

The following testimonial demonstrates how the training and experience of a St John Industrial Paramedic averted a potential incident. It also highlights the care and proactive nature of our medical staff.

Our thanks to Vector Resources for sharing this positive health outcome.

From Glyn Povey, Managing Director, Vector Resources

Dear St John Management,

I am writing to you today to thank you for providing Kelvin to us as the onsite Mine Paramedic at our Gwendolyn Operation. Kelvin’s attitude to his work and the personnel on site was fantastic. He went out of his way to make a connection with all site personnel which created an environment where people would seek assistance and report issues which sometimes individual pride overrides.

Kelvin would give morning demonstrations of safety and medical equipment to the workforce which was received with enthusiasm and often had the workforce talking about it during the day. This gave people confidence, awareness and comfort with the support Kelvin was providing. Kelvin was also out and about making himself visible and known to people rather than sitting in the office all day like some medics on mine sites do. This again strengthened the openness and willingness for the workforce to interact with Kelvin over personal and work related medical issues.

During Kelvin’s first stint here we had a potentially fatal medical issue with one of our contractors who like most men from the mines would never seek medical help just because he was feeling a bit off, but Kelvin persisted in a friendly way which resulted in the person being fully checked out. Kelvin’s concerns in hindsight were spot on. Kelvin had contacted the RFDS and discussed with the Doctor the issues at hand and the person was flown out to Perth. It was found on tests in Perth that the person had had a heart attack and will be having stents this week. I am certain that if this person  had have been on his R&R he would not have gone for medical advice or been checked out, but the fact that Kelvin had noticed a change in behaviour and persisted in carrying out a full check-up in my opinion saved his live.

Kelvin is an outstanding Paramedic who’s nature and work ethic is excellent. He gives St John a great name and the workforce were sad to see him go this morning. Although he will be back on the next rotation!

So in closing I would like to thank you on behalf of Vector Resources and the workforce of Hampton, Mining Plus and MB Electrical for providing an outstanding paramedic to our Gwendolyn mine site.


Glyn Povey
Managing Director
Vector Resources Ltd


St John Medical Services are proud of the valuable work that we do and can provide references on request. Please contact us.