First Aid

St John’s corporate First Aid package ensures that your worksite is equipped with the first aid supplies, registrations and staff training to assist a sick or injured person.

  1. First Aid Training

    Since 1892, St John has been delivering first aid services to the WA community. We are the state’s largest  first aid training provider and offer a range of nationally accredited and non-accredited courses to meet industry and individual needs. In 2015/16 we trained in excess of 317,600 students and the year before more than 245,000.

    We provide training at ten metropolitan and around 150 regional locations in WA, as well as at worksites, which makes it easy for workers to gain or maintain their first aid qualifications.  Our trainers come from a variety of emergency service and medical backgrounds, enabling them to contribute real life experiences to the training environment.

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  1. First Aid Kits, Supplies and Re-stocking

    The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 1996 require an employer to provide adequate first aid facilities. This includes first aid kits which should be clearly marked and the contents maintained and replaced as necessary. St John provides a wide range of workplace first aid kits and our on-site re-stocking service will replenish the kits on a regular basis and affix compliance stickers at each visit.

  2. Defibrillators

    Defibrillators are an essential part of any first aid strategy. In the case of a sudden cardiac arrest, the optimal time to commence CPR and apply a defibrillator is in the first 3 minutes. Research shows that the chance of survival decreases by 10% each minute without the use of a defibrillator, therefore it is vital that there is one close by.

  3. Community First Responder registration

    Defibrillators in the workplace should be registered with St John’s Community First Responder program. This enables the St John State Operations Centre who take all the triple zero emergency ambulance calls, to direct first responders, to the location of a defibrillator in the case of a sudden cardiac arrest.

  4. State Operations Centre registration

    If your worksite is in a remote location or the entry points are unlikely to be recorded on common navigational systems, then you should register your location with St John. This enables the St John State Operations Centre who take all the triple zero emergency ambulance calls, to more quickly and accurately dispatch medical assistance to your area.