Clinical governance refers to an organisation’s system for providing quality patient care. As the state ambulance provider for over 90 years, St John’s clinical governance is world-class and a key differentiator of our services. Our Clinical Governance package for industry can include:

  1. Poison permits
  2. Clinical guidelines
  3. Clinical audits
  4. Clinical verifications
  5. College of Pre-hospital Care

Audits and improvements

St John continuously reviews our procedures to ensure that we are providing the highest level of care and the best possible medical outcome for our patients. For example, in 2015/16 more than 7,200 audits were conducted and 27 updates were implemented to our Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Patient satisfaction

The quality of St John’s training is highlighted in the National Patient Satisfaction Survey. This annual survey conducted by the Council of Ambulance Authorities, seeks feedback from patients across Australia transported by urgent or emergency ambulance. In 2016 the high level of care and efficiency of our service was again reflected with an overall patient satisfaction result of 97%.