Industrial Ambulance Paramedics and Industrial Paramedics

St John Medical Services provides Industrial Ambulance Paramedics and Industrial Paramedics as part of our corporate Medical Staffing package.

St John Industrial Ambulance Paramedics are employed by the WA ambulance service and are exposed to high acuity cases on a daily basis. Our Industrial Paramedics have military or prior ambulance service experience. These experienced, highly trained, proactive individuals are particularly suited to the unpredictable nature of remote or high risk work. They are supported by the extensive resources and expertise of St John Ambulance and our world-class Clinical Practice Guidelines.

How a St John Industrial Paramedic averted a potential on-site incident

MedicalStaff_1215_9714Qualities of a St John Industrial Ambulance Paramedic

  1. University degree in Paramedicine or Paramedical Science
  2. St John Industrial bridging course
  3. Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  4. Active in the state ambulance service
  5. Minimum 3 years on-road ambulance experience
  6. Trained in initial assessment and differential diagnosis
  7. Trained in Advanced Life Support (e.g. inserting cannulas)
  8. Trained in emergency childbirth
  9. Trained in emergency driving
  10. Can administer a high level of medication without authorisation
  11. Most have remote worksite experience
  12. Mandatory annual refresher training
Skills suitable for:
  • Exploration
  • Construction
  • High-risk production (e.g. oil and gas rig)
  • Emergency Response
  • Ambulance Services