Industrial Paramedics

St John Ambulance has been providing industrial paramedics for more than 14 years and operating the Western Australian ambulance service for more than 90 years. As the only organisation trusted with running the State ambulance service, we are the only provider of paramedics with current on-road experience.

St John Ambulance paramedics can manage a range of acute and chronic illnesses including major trauma and can administer a variety of medications without authorisation.

Our industrial paramedics are exceptional in their field. The characteristics of a St John industrial paramedic include:

  • Minimum of 3 years ambulance experience
  • University degree in Paramedicine or Paramedical Science or an Advanced Diploma
  • Advanced life Support trained meaning they can administer resuscitation medications, perform advanced airway manoeuvres, insert cannulas and etc.
  • Trained in initial assessment and differential diagnosis, management of patients of all ages and emergency childbirth
  • Trained in emergency driving skills
  • Trained in industrial health care
  • Undergo annual training in on-road skills, emergency response and health care
  • Majority have a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment which enables them to conduct first aid training on-site
  • Some have industry specific qualifications such as Helicopter Underwater Escape training (HUET) and DTEC (4WD)
  • Are experienced personnel who have worked across exploration, construction and/or operational sites
  • Are selected from an extremely demanding recruitment and selection process which ensures only the best candidates are on the job
  • Have personality traits suitable to remote work

Our 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey results reflect the high level of treatment and care provided by St John paramedics:

  • 99% of customers were satisfied by the paramedic care received
  • 99% were satisfied by the treatment received
  • 99% overall satisfaction

We currently have industrial paramedics caring for workers on offshore oil & gas rigs, at mining sites including gold and iron ore operations and at exploration camps. Read our latest client testimonial.

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