Industrial Medics, OHS Medics and ESO Medics

St John Medical Services provides the following types of qualified medics as part of our corporate Medical Staffing package:

  • Industrial Medics
  • OHS-trained Industrial Medics
  • ESO-trained Industrial Medics

St John’s Industrial Medics are experienced, well trained professionals backed up by the extensive resources and expertise of St John Ambulance. Many of our medics also volunteer in our state ambulance service which regularly exposes them to real-world medical emergencies.

Industrial Medics may be suitable for worksites with a relatively low number of staff and/or low injury risk. If you require health care for higher-risk operations, refer to St John’s Industrial Paramedics.

Qualities of a St John Industrial Medic

  1. Certificate IV in Pre-Hospital Care (Ambulance)
  2. Certicate IV in Training and Assessment
  3. St John Industrial bridging course
  4. Many volunteer in the state ambulance service
  5. Many  have remote worksite experience

Skills suitable for:

  • Emergency response
  • Low-risk exploration
  • Low-risk construction
  • Operations